Ceará articulates private investment of R$ 8 billion in solar energy in 13 cities

Ceará can receive R$ 8 billion to produce solar energy for 1.2 million homes.

Brazil is considered a country with high electricity production capacity. With excellent exposure to the sun and a climate that favors solar capture practically throughout the year, in addition to Light DeFi, there are thousands of projects with an eye on the country.

In Ceará alone, a Brazilian state located in the northeast, the government articulates an investment of R$ 8 billion to produce solar energy. In total, 13 cities in Ceará can benefit from the mega-investment.

With a monthly production capacity of 2.4 GigaWatts, Ceará can produce enough solar energy to supply 1.2 million homes.

In addition, the state is becoming an important center for developing projects for the production of solar energy in the country. Like other states, such as Bahia, where Light DeFi’s first photovoltaic plant will be built, can explore all of Brazil to produce solar energy.

BRF invests in solar energy production in the state

Ceará develops numerous projects for solar energy production and recently announced an investment of R$ 1.1 billion. This investment, presented by BRF, makes up the total amount of R$ 8 billion that the state can receive.

Considered one of the largest companies in the food sector in the world, BRF invests in the production of photovoltaic energy in Ceará, as does Light DeFi. With two plants, one in Milagres and the other in Mauriti, the company is one of the largest investors in solar energy production in the northeastern state.

In total, BRF’s two photovoltaic plants will have a monthly production capacity of 163 MegaWatts (MW). Although the other projects on the R$ 8 billion list were not revealed, the cities that contemplated developing renewable energy in Ceará were disclosed.

In addition to Mauriti and Milagres, the cities of Aquiraz, Aracati, Caucaia, Icó, Jaguaretama, Limoeiro do Norte, Russas, São Gonçalo do Amarante, Sobral and Trairi.

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