How to send Light DeFi to your friends

The Light DeFi (LIGHT) token is part of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and is available through the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange. It is on this platform that users buy and sell their cryptoactives.

In addition to PancakeSwap, it is possible to buy Light DeFi (LIGHT) through Pix. With banking transactions, you receive your tokens within minutes, using Light DeFi’s website. But, do you know how to send your tokens to friends?

Not everyone is familiar with Decentralized Finance (DEX) technology. Operating for the first time on PancakeSwap requires care as well as security.

But whoever has a friend with Light DeFi (LIGHT) has everything in this life. Your friend can send you some units of the cryptoactive through an email address. The first step is to meet someone who has a Light DeFi (LIGHT) balance.

After purchasing the cryptoactive, the friend who will receive the Light DeFi (LIGHT) needs to create an address for the token inside the wallet. To do this, copy Light DeFi’s (LIGHT) contract address and add this data to your cryptoactive wallet.

Remember that the contract address of Light DeFi (LIGHT) should not be used to send your tokens, only to create an address for your wallet. It is through the contract address that your wallet will recognize the LIGHT token.

After entering the contract address in the wallet, you can search for Light DeFi (LIGHT) among the tokens that are part of your device. When you find the token symbol, click on it, and a new window will open within the wallet application.

In this new window, users will find the options to receive and send Light DeFi (LIGHT). When you click on receive, the wallet must generate a new address used to receive the tokens.

The user then copies this address from the wallet and sends the data to the friend who has Light DeFi (LIGHT). The Light DeFi holder can complete the operation with the friend’s wallet address and send the tokens to someone else. The balance will be sent in a few moments, and you will be a Light DeFi holder (LIGHT).

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