Join Light Defi! Get to know how to be part of the project

Join the Light DeFi project, whose primary goal is to use the LIGHT token to build a solar plant in Ceará!

The #LightDeFighters, as the project’s supporters are known, are individuals who want to invest in a brilliant idea that has advanced swiftly and is associated with ESG values.

To join us, go to and follow the procedures on the “Buy Light DeFi”; you can buy through Pancake, Zcore Finance, Pix, Indacoin, X7 Exchange, BigONE Exchange and our oun decentralized exchange, Light Dex. There are still links on the website to information about the coin’s price and charts on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, PooCoin, and BscScan.

You can be proud of your upcoming accomplishments as a Light DeFi supporter!

Many goals were achieved right from the start. After we began our work and reached the ATH, other successful events occurred.

We got the land in Ceará for our photovoltaic installation and conducted our first Light Day in São Paulo. It was a terrific event attended by Devs and other #LightDefighters.

We were able to debut our token on one of the world’s largest exchanges, BigONE, thanks to a joint effort by the entire Light DeFi community. We also had to handle the launch of our Light Energy Drink and Light Bank.

The Light Group had a fantastic year in 2021, and we’re proving that 2022 will be even better. What are you waiting to join Light DeFi?

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