Light DeFi establishes a partnership with the first cryptocurrency agency in Brazil.

Light DeFi establishes a partnership with the first cryptocurrency agency in Brazil.

Light DeFi, a cryptocurrency created to promote investments in solar energy in Brazil, entered into a partnership with Agency ROE. Founded in Brazil and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the agency is the first in Brazil focused on digital services for cryptocurrency companies. In its portfolio, the agency has several clients both in Brazil and abroad.

“The beginning of the Partnership with ROE was very dynamic. We started talking to personalities from the Crypto world before announcing the partnership, and the material was a very strategic step for our project. Show the market what we are proposing, through a private conversation, shows the seriousness and commitment of the developers,” said Daniel Medeiros, Business Relationship at Light DeFi.

Initially, ROE will broker Light DeFi with references in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. In these contacts, the project partners will be presented in virtual meetings and Light DeFi itself.

ROE works with digital marketing, search optimization services (SEO), and content productions in its list of services. Now, this portfolio will be at the service of Light DeFi’s growth, as well as the expansion of its brand.

“We have the best web experts in the market, and we are ready to make Light DeFi continue to take off and be a success. The project enchanted me for being so challenging and fundamental for the environment. I am optimistic, dreamy and I believe it is in. It’s time to reverse all these issues related to energy in the country. We deserve initiatives like these to have a better world”, said Ana Élle, CEO of Agency ROE.

The union between blockchain and solar energy

Launched in August at Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Light DeFi seeks to expand its operations in the field of solar energy. At the same time, the project aims to generate profits for its investors. Although recently launched, the cryptocurrency was reported in primary national vehicles, such as Veja, Forbes Brasil, and Cointelegraph Brasil.

The token aims to finance the construction of a photovoltaic plant in Bahia. The plant will have a generation capacity of up to 240 gigawatts/hour (GWh). As a result, the plant will be able to generate enough energy to supply 110,000 popular homes.

The plant will be divided into 04 (four) modules of 50MWp each. Its initial capacity for energy generation has a structure of approximately 850,000 solar panels.

According to the project’s roadmap, the distribution of profits and the start of energy production are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. By then, the plant’s first module will be ready and the validation of the second module completed.

“I received a great referral from Roe, and we decided to start a negotiation. We were served with unique proactivity, and we started to get results immediately, something beyond what was expected. A very dynamic team with great experience in the crypto market”, highlighted Germano Sales, Project CEO.

Token seeks autonomy in the market.

Part of the fees collected in the negotiation of Light DeFi will be allocated to the construction of the photovoltaic energy farm, while another part of the amount will be invested in the cryptocurrency.

After the construction of the first plant, 80% of the profit will be returned to shareholders, with 30% through the purchase and redistribution of tokens.

According to the most recent data, Light DeFi already has 2,600 investors and intends to seek autonomy in the market. Part of the returns will be invested in the cryptocurrency itself, in addition to the profit from energy production at the plants. Thus, Light DeFi will have a ballast in its production.

10 billion Light DeFi will be created in total, but the currency has a deflationary policy. At each transaction, 1% of the tokens will be burned. That is, the token will become scarcer as the volume of transactions increases, resulting in greater potential for appreciation.

Finally, the cryptocurrency was listed on Monday (23) on the Coingecko platform, a cryptocurrency comparator. Now investors can check out full data on Light DeFi’s value, trading volume, among other data.


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