Pix! Who doesn’t love that word in 2021?

Fast. Practical. No Red tape. Exactly how we want your token purchase experience to be to invest in renewable energy.

From now on, the most popular money transfer tool in Brazil (Pix) is already part of our transactions to make your life even more accessible. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you don’t already know, Light DeFi is the junction of the production of clean energy through the potential of the cryptoactive token. In other words, a sustainable and genuinely transformative energy supply system.

To join our team of people with a purpose on Pix, it’s effortless! Fill out the form via the link, deposit the money and then wait for your cryptoactives to arrive at the indicated address.


Remembering that Light DeFi sales have continued exclusively through PancakeSwap since Pix was launched as an alternative for users who face difficulties using the platform in purchase operations.

Around here, it’s not just our energy that’s clean; our operation is open to anyone who wants to check. Therefore, please read the information below carefully please:

– The purchase process via Pix is ​​not offered by Light. It is a service provided by third parties;

– We are not responsible if the user enters a wrong wallet number. Once payment is confirmed, it is an irreversible process. Therefore, check the data very carefully;

– Fees of R$ 5.00 + 2% will be charged – referring to the means of payment;

– Minimum purchase of R$ 50.00 and 10% network fee will be discounted.

– The maximum amount per purchase is R$3,000.00. If you would like a higher amount, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our OTC desk ([email protected])

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