Predictions for the crypto market’s future

Coinbase Product Director Surojit Chatterjee recently released predictions about what will happen in the cryptography industry in 2022.

The predictions cover various cryptographic topics, including ETH scalability, zero-knowledge proof technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

NFTs will become the next evolution of users’ digital identity and a gateway to the metaverse, which Surojit says will be the future of social media and which will threaten the centralized versions of advertising we know today.

Brands will actively participate in the metaverse and the NFT universe, and Web2 companies will pay attention and migrate to Web3. However, many will likely create centralized and closed network versions in the metaverse.

Regarding regulated DeFi and the emergence of on-chain KYC attestation, many DeFi protocols will adopt the regulation and create separate KYC user pools.

Also, according to Surojit, secure DeFi will emerge precisely to protect users from hacks, with viable protocols ​​that guarantee customer funds against security breaches.

ETH scalability predictions will be better, but newer L1 strings will see considerable growth as we get the next hundred million crypto and Web3 users.

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