Twitter #LightDeFiBNB

Become a holder and compete for 1BNB.



The purpose of this regulation is to establish the rules for the TWITTER #LightDeFiBNB action, whose prize, carried out through a RAFFLE, will be 1 BNB. The value of 1 BNB will be transferred to the winner’s wallet. This action has the co-participation of the companies Light DeFi and Agência ROE.


2.1 Only individuals who acquire and have any value in Light DeFi token, until 23:59 on 09/27/2021, can participate in the RAFFLE and follow the steps below, set out in terms 2.2 and 2.3.

2.2 To validate the participation, the Light Defi holder must, without fail, be a follower of the official Light DeFi Twitter, @light_defi, and participate in the official Light DeFi TELEGRAM group https://t.me/grupolight 

Here are the links to the official Light Defi networks to be followed:

Official Light DeFi Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Light_DeFi 

Official Telegram Light DeFi: https://t.me/grupolight 

2.3 In addition to following Light DeFi’s official Twitter and being part of the Light Defi Telegram group, the user must like the fixed tweet of the #LightDeFiBNB RAFFLE and reply to the tweet by marking the profiles of 3 friends. Profiles considered as fakes, companies, and institutional tags will not be accepted. Validation will only be for the booking of 3 individuals.

2.4 Employees of companies directly or indirectly involved in the organization of this raffle, employees, executives, directors of the promoter, and an organizer cannot register, compete, or participate in the promotion.

2.5 Each holder will compete with only ONE coupon, regardless of the number of tweets you make.


The RAFFLE will be counted from the 27th to the 30th of September 2021. On the 30th of September, at 9:00 pm (Brasilia time), the official winner will be announced in a LIVE on the official Instagram @light_defi.

Participants of the 1 Month Light DeFi RAFFLE will also know the result of the 1.3 BNB RAFFLE during LIVE.


4.1 The winner of the TWITTER #LightDefiBNB raffle will be contacted using the registration data provided at the time of registration.

4.2 The TWITTER #LightDeFiBNB raffle prize delivery will be executed directly in the winner’s wallet.

Delivery of the Light Defi 1 Month draw prize: the primary winner – the one who marked the 3 friends in the comments of Light DeFi’s official social networks – will have 1BNB transferred directly to their registered wallet when completing the short form to validate their participation. The team acting will contact the primary winner to obtain the 3 cards related to their 3 friends marked during the participation to receive their due prizes.

4.3 The prize is personal and non-transferable.

4.4 For the 1 Month Raffle of Light DeFi: it will not accumulate prizes in the same wallet. The prizes will be deposited in 4 different wallets, obligatorily (winner + 3 friends). If one of the nominated friends does not have a wallet, the value of their prize, that is, 0.1BNB, will not be deposited until a wallet is created, with a maximum period of 30 days for creating this new wallet. After 30 days, if the wallet has not been created, the friend(s) reward will be canceled. In this case, there will be no new winners, and the action will be closed.


5.1 Any doubts, divergences, or situations not provided for in the regulation will be judged and decided in a sovereign and non-appealable manner by the parties responsible for the action: Light DeFi and Agência ROE.

5.2 The Promoter cannot be held responsible for late, wrongly submitted, incomplete, incorrect, invalid, or inaccurate entries that make contact and delivery of the prize impossible.

 5.3 The parties are not responsible for any technical transmission failure, internet access problems, fortuitous event, or force majeure that may prevent the user from participating.

 5.4 Participation in this raffle implies an entire agreement with the rules set out in the regulations.

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