Rocelo Lopes is an advisor for the Light DeFi (LIGHT) token


One of Light DeFi’s biggest differentials (LIGHT) is having a highly specialized team in cryptoactives from the beginning. This team has guided the project since the token was released on the market on August 8, 2021.

Light DeFi develops a sustainable energy production platform and has transparency, decentralization, and sustainability as the main values ​​of the project.

As the main advisor, Light DeFi has the entrepreneur Rocelo Lopes, considered one of the four most important names in the cryptoactive market in Brazil. The specialist is now the advisor of the LIGHT token.

Light DeFi Advisor

Seeking to create a project with great credibility in the market, Light DeFi develops its reputation through results. In the first month of release, the cryptoactive got a certificate from Certik.

Certik is considered the largest platform auditing company that uses blockchain technology and has already audited large projects such as Binance and PancakeSwap.

Light DeFi spares no effort in securing the support of big names in the industry like Rocelo Lopes. The entrepreneur, who created the Blue Token and CoinBr, is the principal advisor of the LIGHT token.

Rocelo Lopes

The life of Rocelo Lopes is mixed with the emergence of the cryptoactive market in Brazil. It all started in 2013 when he received just over a thousand bitcoins (BTC) from a client in South Africa.

Since then, Lopes has become one of the biggest names in the cryptomarket and was considered by Cointelegraph Brasil as one of the four most prominent names in the Bitcoin market in the country.

Side by side, Light DeFi, and Rocelo Lopes join forces to transform the cryptoactive market. In addition to being an advisor, Lopes is the founder of Othos Telecom, one of the first encrypted telephone companies globally, and was responsible for developing the API that Light DeFi uses to sell tokens through Pix.

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