Teacher uses a book to create a solar-powered van.

Solar energy can be used for any electrically powered equipment. With solar panels, the cost of producing solar energy is practically zero.

Thinking about sustainability and taking advantage of this inexhaustible energy source, an engineer used a “do it yourself book to build a van powered entirely by solar energy.

The incredible project created by Aren Page was released on Instagram. With a solar-powered van, the American engineer has a real house on wheels.

Like Light DeFi’s (LIGHT) project, the van built by Aren Page can produce solar energy using photovoltaic panels. In addition to using the book “To Catch the Sun,” the engineer consulted the Appropedia website to build the solar van.

The book teaches ordinary people how to build photovoltaic systems based on solar energy. The book teaches how to create solar chargers for smartphones from autonomous and complex systems like a van and small houses.

The solar-powered van is maintained by three photovoltaic panels that are installed on the roof of the vehicle. With the capacity to produce 100 Watts, solar energy is used to maintain the entire van, which functions as a sustainable house on wheels.

“Basically, it’s an apartment on wheels, and it’s all solar. It all comes from my solar panel on the roof, three 100 watt solar panels, and it powers my entire system. I use a water filter, fans, LED lights, a fridge combination -freezer and sockets for connecting and charging.”


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