Is Anndy Lian the new advisor of Light DeFi?

Anndy Lian is a business strategist with over 15 years of experience in Asia, an early adopter of blockchain technology, and an experienced serial entrepreneur. He is the author of the bestselling book “Blockchain Revolution 2030”. The book was published by Kyobo, South Korea’s largest bookstore chain.

In recent years, Anndy, a pioneer in blockchain technology, has been studying and seeking in-depth topics related to sustainability, especially with a focus on clean energy, seeking to connect to sustainable projects. Driven by ideas and awareness that climate change is already a global reality, Anndy started to go deeper and deeper into the subject, becoming a solid and essential enthusiast, willing to share all his blockchain knowledge with sustainable projects that use the technology. Engaged in the ESG standards and goals of the 2030 Agenda, Lian is motivated to work on projects that bring together all of these topics.

With vast experience and expertise in the Blockchain market, there is some gossip that Anndy Lian will become an advisor of Light DeFi, arriving at a special moment for Grupo Light and its main project, the construction of a solar energy plant. And that if the possible partnership is achieved, a promising future is to come.

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