Anndy Lian is the new advisor at Light DeFi

It all started on Twitter with a tweet where Anndy Lian, our new advisor, tweeted that the first step to save the planet would be to join the clean energy space. That was the moment when our strong and engaged community started retweeting about our revolutionary and sustainable project. Those many messages from the participants aka LIGHTERS caught the attention of Anndy, and directly on Twitter, the CEO of Light DeFi, Germano Lopes, invited Lian for a call to explain the Photovoltaic Power Plant project and the Light Group.

The meeting ended with Anndy Lian, an expert in blockchain technology and one of the pioneers in that space, as the Light Group’s new advisor. One of the reasons that made a real difference in his decision is that Light Group follows the concepts of ESG. Anndy, the author of the best-seller “Blockchain Revolution 2030” and a former member of Hyundai DAC, makes his choices to work with companies based on the ESG standards, which he takes seriously, and that’s why Anndy Lian has chosen to join Light DeFi.

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