Brazil develops its first concrete tile that captures solar energy

New Brazilian concrete tile can capture solar energy

The market for the development of projects related to the production of renewable energy is heated. Betting on capturing sunlight through concrete tiles, Eternit developed an entire project in Brazil.

With the concrete tile called BIG-F10, it will be possible to capture sunlight later into electrical energy. Like the famous solar panels, concrete tiles allow for the capture of solar energy by exposure.

Tile is presented as an alternative for those who install solar panels on top of the roof. With the project developed by Eternit, it will be possible to obtain solar energy through the roof itself.

Concrete tile that produces energy

The future of energy production will be sustainable, which is the main objective of Light DeFi (LIGHT). Like the token, Eternit’s concrete tile produces electricity using panels to capture solar energy.

Initially, Eternit’s BIG-F10 concrete tiles were only sold to a few customers in the State of São Paulo in a pilot phase of the project. In addition to these selected customers, consumers who live in Atibaia – SP also tried the BIG-F10.

According to the company, soon, the concrete tiles that capture solar energy will usually be sold on the market. Measuring 36.5 cm by 47.5 cm, the BIG-F10 concrete tile has a useful life of 20 years, in addition to having a photovoltaic panel incorporated into the concrete, and each tile has a daily production capacity equivalent to 9 .16 Watts. In the end, each of these tiles will provide a monthly electricity production of approximately 1.15 KW.

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