Brazil is a leader in issuing green bonds in Latin America

Investors are increasingly betting on companies and actions that have social and environmental responsibility. The emission of polluting gases and climate change is also reshaping the traditional financial market.

Some products already calculate the carbon footprint caused by the investment and offer users a more sustainable experience. This is the case with Hashdex’s 100% Bitcoin ETF (BITH11), for example, which has zero carbon emissions thanks to a carbon bond offset.

Brazil is responsible for issuing about one in three Latin American green bonds. In the last five years alone, these bonds moved more than US$ 10 billion in the market.

The country leads Latin America.

Brazil is considered one of the largest issuers of green bonds in Latin America. In the region, the country alone accounts for 30.7% of all sustainable bonds issued.

According to a study on this market, since 2015, US$ 10.3 billion in green bonds have been traded in Brazil alone. To reach this value, a UN report considered only emissions in the country.

In total, Latin America has created $26.3 billion in green bonds in the last five years, or even more than R$141 billion. In Brazil alone, 78 bonds have been issued since then. According to the study, nearly 80% of Brazil’s green bonds come from three sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, and renewable energy.

Like Light DeFi, the renewable energy sector is responsible for issuing green bonds in Brazil. With the photovoltaic plant built by the project, Light DeFi will also be able to issue green bonds for producing sustainable energy from solar sources.

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