Brazil must provide sustainable food for Denmark.

All sectors can contribute to a more sustainable world. In Brazil, for example, food production must include the concept of sustainability before the food reaches the kitchen of Danes.

According to the recent seminar “Contributions of Brazil and Denmark to the challenge of providing sustainable food,” Brazil can adopt measures that involve the concept of sustainability in agricultural production.

The seminar “Contributions of Brazil and Denmark to the challenge of providing sustainable food” took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was attended by representatives from both countries.

Representatives of the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA) spoke about sustainable practices used in Brazil to produce food. The director of CNA, Ligia Dutra, also talked about the support for small and mid-scale producers.

For Ligia Dutra, small and mid-scale producers will be essential to meet the global demand for food, highlighted the Brazilian Farmers. In total, CNA is responsible for two million Brazilian farmers.

According to a survey, the family farming sector generates three out of four jobs in the agricultural industry, with 15 million employees in Brazil.

To increase food exports, Brazil created the initiative called Agro. BR. Through the platform, small and mid-scale producers can export food to other countries.

Source: Brazilian Farmers

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