China intends to replace coal with solar energy progressively

Energy production from non-renewable sources reached alarming levels in 2021. With energy crises affecting several countries such as China, investing in renewable sources is a goal to be achieved in the coming years.

Like China, other countries are part of the Paris Agreement, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. To curb this emission, countries like China are betting on renewable energy sources.

Until then, in China, the use of coal to obtain electricity predominates as the main base of the energy matrix of the Asian country.

Considered a non-renewable source and with a high rate of pollution, the extraction of mineral coal will give rise to the production of solar energy in China.

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences report, the country’s goal is to massively develop solar energy production, which should replace coal as a source.

By 2060, China can reach up to 43% of total electricity production from photovoltaic panels exposed to the sun and Light DeFi’s photovoltaic plant.

With significant exposure to the sun in the interior of the country’s northern region, China intends to install solar energy production plants that will be used to supply the entire country.

Before deciding on solar energy, China believed that this type of energy was unfeasible in the country. However, solar energy production has improved in recent years, and so has storage power. With these changes, China will have solar energy as the main source of its energy matrix until 2060.

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