Cryptoactive Light DeFI (LIGHT) is listed by CoinMarketCap


The Light DeFi (LIGHT) token – which builds a crypto renewable energy ecosystem – was listed by CoinMarketCap on Wednesday (22). Considered the largest pricing platform for cryptoactives globally, it is now possible to directly follow LIGHT’s price evolution in real-time in CoinMarketCap.

In addition to the price, the platform features an informative graphic on the evolution of the token’s quotation in the market, as well as data on the history of Light DeFi, which was attached to CoinMarketCap, the pricing and graphics platform that currently has more than seven thousand cryptoactives listed.

Thus, through this platform, it is also possible to check the daily trading volume of Light DeFi, which was listed on CoinMarketCap.

Considered an essential achievement for Light DeFi, the CoinMarketCap listing was completed in less than a month since the token’s launch that develops a sustainable energy project.

In addition to the recent listing of CoinMarketCap – a platform that belongs to the Binance group – LIGHT was attached to CoinGecko on September 23, 2021, where it is also possible to follow the trajectory of Light DeFi’s price in the market.

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