Discover Light DeFi’s Photovoltaic Plant project in Ceará

The main goal of Light DeFi (LIGHT) is to develop sustainable initiatives to produce clean energy. And the first challenge accepted by the group was to create a photovoltaic plant in Ceará, Brazil.

The Photovoltaic Plant will be Light DeFi’s first sustainable energy production project, which spares no effort to move forward, announced during the 1st Light Day, which took place in early November 2021.

At the event, Light DeFi’s Photovoltaic Plant project was presented, which will be installed on a plot of land in São Luiz do Curú, a city in Ceará. Less than 100 km away from Fortaleza, the city was strategically chosen to obtain maximum energy use.

Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the 17-hectare plot, recently acquired by Light DeFi. With high irradiance, the property has a favorable environmental situation for installing a photovoltaic plant.

The land area is flat and is on the side of a highway that facilitates access to Light DeFi’s future photovoltaic plant. Thinking about the production of electric energy and the sharing of electric networks, the Light DeFi project is framed as a shared electric energy generation project.

In addition, the plant is also close to a distribution point, which can be used to facilitate the flow of excess production of solar energy.

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