Do you know what the Paris Agreement means?

Pollution and environmental degradation are serious issues addressed by numerous countries that have joined together to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

From this union, the famous Paris Agreement was born in 2015. The agreement provides for creating initiatives to preserve the environment to prevent global warming.

Virtually the entire world participates in this agreement, which has decided to join forces to curb global warming. The group’s goal is to prevent the planet from increasing its temperature by 2°C.

For this, countries like the United States need to adopt measures aimed at decarbonizing industrial processes, in addition to investing in renewable energy sources.

Before the start of 2021, the United States abandoned the Paris Agreement at the request of the country’s former president, Donald Trump. But Joe Biden’s election, the US has returned to the deal that seeks to preserve the environment.

In addition to establishing goals for preservation and carbon emission into the atmosphere, the Paris Agreement tries to create a way to finance the preservation of the environment through green and carbon bonds.

In total, 196 countries signed the Paris Agreement, with the United States being the only one to abandon the agreement, reversing it later. Although the Paris Agreement is not punitive, the treaty can be considered a commercial negotiation between the two countries.

Through the Paris Agreement, each country determines which activities will impact carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Like the United States, Brazil has already signaled its desire to abandon the agreement at the request of President Jair Bolsonaro.

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