El Salvador will host one of the biggest crypto events in the world

Since September 7, 2021, the world has a country that has turned bitcoin into its official currency: El Salvador. The South American country will host the ninth edition of Labitconf 2021 to celebrate this significant achievement for the crypto world.

Considered one of the world’s most significant events on cryptoactives, this year’s Labitconf will start this Monday (15) and end on November 20, 2021.

With six days, the event will have live lectures for participants in El Salvador. In addition, Labitconf will broadcast the entire event over the internet. Light DeFi will be present at the next edition of the meeting with enthusiasts and experts in the crypto market.

Rocelo Lopes, the project advisor considered one of Brazil’s greatest specialists in cryptoactives, will represent Light DeFi, the token that will transform solar energy production.

Labitconf in El Salvador

Labitconf will soon start in El Salvador, the destination of enthusiasts, investors, and experts in cryptoactives. The event will start this coming Monday (15), with a competition aimed at project developers using blockchain technology.

For two days, programmers will compete with each other for a prize of US$5,000, solving issues related to the crypto universe. To participate in this competition, users can register for free for the event, which takes place on November 15 and 16, 2021.

According to an interview by Rodolfo Andragnes to iProUp, the event’s organizer recalls that Labitconf 2021 will present various ways of using bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The event will address new technologies and trends that have emerged in the crypto market in recent years and present the innovation of El Salvador, which has been using bitcoin as a digital currency for two months.

“With this schedule, we want everyone who attends LABITCONF to understand the specific applications and future impacts that this asset can represent in the industry. We hope to present the potential advantages in transparency, reliability, time, and cost-efficiency. This technology is disruptive and has application in all sectors, so we created a program to educate participants to prepare for trends in the cryptographic world.”

In total, there will be 40 lectures and more than 150 experts who will participate in Labitconf 2021. During the 16 and 18 of November, the event will adopt the second layer of bitcoin networking, the Lightning Network.

Meanwhile, on November 17, there will be a lecture “All about bitcoin,” also with free registration. On the same day, users will meet with lawyers specializing in business using blockchain technology.

On November 18 and 19, the official Labitconf 2021 conference takes place with crypto experts worldwide. In addition to lectures and meetings with experts, Labitconf will have a craft fair that accepts Bitcoin payments.

On these days, there will still be painting exhibitions, concerts, and galleries with tokenized digital arts, better known as NFTs. It is worth remembering that the event will also have commercial stands, with the exhibition of newness involving the crypto universe.

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