Electric cars delight Europeans, and Tesla leads sales

Electric cars represent comfort and practicality for those who do not want to give up sustainable transport. More and more consumers are betting on models that use electricity, and this growth can be seen in the increase in sales of electric vehicles around the world.

With the growth of the electric car market in Europe, the Tesla Model 3 vehicle was the best-selling car in September 2021, reaching almost 25 thousand units sold in the month.

According to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), in September 2021, the Tesla brand car model outsold all other models marketed in Europe.

In Europe, 24,950 Tesla Model 3 were sold. Compared to 2020, there was a 58.1% growth in sales of this model, which last year sold only 15,783 vehicles in the continent.

In second place in the ranking is the Volkswagen Golf model, which registered 18,601 units sold in September 2021 in Europe. The difference between the Tesla Model 3 and the Volkswagen Golf is over six thousand units.

But while sales of the Tesla Model 3 grew nearly 60% in the year, sales of the Volkswagen Golf dropped 34.9% over the same period. Already in third place in the ranking, the Renault Clio had 17,985 units sold in the same period.

Like the Volkswagen Golf, Renault Clio sales have shrunk in the last 12 months by 24%. Meanwhile, an electric car is the best seller in Europe for the first time in history.

Source: Uol

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