France and 9 other countries ask for a ‘green label’ for nuclear energy

The intention is to produce electricity from non-renewable sources to have a significant impact in the coming years. With countries like France advocating new sustainable initiatives, other energy sectors could suffer this impact.

In addition to electricity, which can be produced from a renewable source, nuclear energy production must have a “green label,” according to France.

The world is preparing for a climate transition to fulfill the promise of the Paris Agreement. In total, ten countries in the European Union expressed concern with the production of nuclear energy. They decided to sign a request for sustainable initiatives to be included in the sector. In addition to France, countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, and others signed the request.

According to the proposal, the production of nuclear energy in Europe must be sustainable. Nuclear energy corresponds to 20% of the entire energy matrix in France, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia.

In total, the countries that signed the manifesto have eight nuclear power plants. In addition, Poland will have the first reactor installed in 2033, increasing nuclear energy production in Europe.

Croatia is also another nuclear energy producer in Europe that must adopt green production practices. With a nuclear power plant supplying part of Slovenia, the country has also signed the European manifesto on the change in nuclear energy production among member countries.

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