Global warming is deforming animals


Climate change is an issue that concerns a large part of the population that believes in a more sustainable world. In addition to causing a significant imbalance in preserved areas and threatening coastal cities with the rise in sea level, an uncontrolled increase in the climate can cause changes even in the countenance of animals.

According to recent research on the evolution of some animals in recent years, it was found that there are species that are evolving to adapt to climate change.

Research developed by scientist Sara Ryding shows that animals are adapting to rising temperatures around the world. In the study, Ryding claims that animals are increasing the size of their feathers and beaks to try to balance their body temperature.

To control the climate change plaguing the world, sustainable energy production projects must replace exploratory practices. Aligned with the planet’s future, a Light DeFi (LIGHT) is a token that thinks about creating a renewable energy source.

Climate change affects animals

Animals are evolving to keep up with the temperature of planet Earth that is on alert. According to a recent UN study, the next few decades could see warming of 3.3 degrees.

To survive this temperature variation, some animals are undergoing physical adaptations, especially birds. According to EcoDebate, a survey of Australian birds found that body modification due to temperature rise in the last century.

In the research, Australian parrots were produced, and between 1871 and 2020, this species showed growth between 4% and 10% of the beak caused by climate change.

Controlling the global heat

Global warming needs to be controlled to prevent animals from suffering bodily deformities due to increased temperatures. Among the sustainable initiatives, solar energy production can be the differential in this fight against climate change.

Through a clean energy source, the emission of greenhouse gases tends to reduce. In addition, renewable energy sources can replace non-renewable sources.

Light DeFi (LIGHT) created a photovoltaic plant to produce solar energy with an eye on climate change and thinking about a better world. By doing their part to transform the world, initiatives like Light DeFi should contribute to global warming.

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