Is Light DeFi safe?

When a new cryptoactive project comes out on the market, many questions arise among users. Knowing who is behind the token and the seriousness of the project makes all the difference.

Nobody wants to be part of a cryptoactive that doesn’t have security. In addition to an attack-free network, users are concerned about the project’s suitability and its true impact on the market.

These doubts came out shortly after Light DeFi (LIGHT) was released, and even today, some users wonder if the token is secure.  After the launch, Light DeFi (LIGHT) requested a Certik certificate in only 48 hours, thinking of its credibility among users.

A serious project is concerned with Transparency, and Certik, one of the largest certification platforms in the crypto market, audited Light DeFi (LIGHT) in its first month of launch.

In addition to an audit on the functioning network, Light DeFi (LIGHT) was created by developers who do not hide their identities. 

On the other hand, in addition to anonymity and little Transparency about the processes, an unreliable cryptoactive does not maintain permanent contact with the community that believes in the project. With over 20 thousand users, Light DeFi has a team prepared to serve all users on social networks.

A token with well-known developers, with an audit process completed by Certik and easily accessible on social networks, shows the necessary confidence that a project in the cryptoactive market needs.

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