Keeping an eye on Light’s sustainable future

We are very excited about the progress of the photovoltaic plant project. Although we do not have an exact deadline for completion, all logistics are proceeding as planned.

Previously, we carried out a complete region feasibility study to understand which location would be the best choice, and now we are in the budget round on the way to building the plant.

We are investigating and maintaining contact with companies to acquire the plant’s materials. We also submitted bidding requests to monitor the project’s development, and we are going to calibrate the executive budget for the work.

The solar plant will bring many benefits to the environment, as we will help decarbonize the ecosystem, thus reducing pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Another important point is that the project will also foster the region’s economy since dozens of new jobs will be created for the population.

We’re already working very hard, but there’s a lot more to come.

Follow our posts regularly and find out about updates on our photovoltaic plant and other sustainable projects that we are involved in.

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