Know more about the second goal of the 2030 Agenda

The unequal access to food in the world makes hunger one of the leading causes of death on the planet. Sustainable agriculture with modern techniques can resolve this problem as long as fair distribution systems can be guaranteed.

With that in mind, the 2030 Agenda was created to develop sustainable aims for the world and end some chronic problems society has been facing.

The second goal of the 2030 Agenda is to end hunger, and some targets were created for this goal.

The first is to guarantee universal access for all people, especially those in vulnerable situations, to food with good protein sources throughout the year. Also included here is ending the causes that lead to malnutrition and meeting the needs of girls, pregnant women, and the elderly.
The second is to double the productivity and income of smaller food producers, thus ensuring the implementation of agricultural methods that increase production and help foster ecosystems.

Another target of this plan to eradicate hunger is based on the diversity of food production, also ensuring fair access to the allocation of this resource. For this, investment in agricultural infrastructure must be increased, and gene technologies for plants and animals must be developed, increasing rural production capacity in countries around the world.
The last but not most minor target is to prevent trade restrictions on agricultural markets, in general, to ensure the correct functioning of food markets and help control the high volatility of food prices.

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