Learn more about the 2030 Agenda’s fourth goal


Discover the global goal to improve access to education


The fourth goal of the 2030 Agenda is to open up opportunities for the population and make them available to everyone in order to promote and guarantee access to education.


Some targets were developed to aid in the achievement of this goal. Take a look:


  • Ensure that young people finish primary and secondary school successfully and with good grades.


  • Assuring that young people have access to high-quality development beginning in childhood


  • Ensure that everyone has equal access to technical, professional, and higher education at an affordable price.


  • Increase the number of people who have skills relevant to good jobs and entrepreneurship.


  • To eliminate the gender gap in education and ensure equal access to education and vocational training at all levels for disadvantaged groups.


  • Ensure that all young people and a small number of adults have universal literacy and numeracy.


  • Assure that all students have the knowledge and skills required to promote sustainable development.


  • Construct and improve school facilities to make them more inclusive and secure.


  • The number of scholarships available worldwide is growing, primarily for higher education in developing countries.


  • In developing countries, increase the number of qualified teachers.


We will keep discussing and displaying our views on the 2030 Agenda goals. Because, for Light DeFi, these issues must be explored and discussed with our community and people all over the world. Following through on those goals and making them a reality would make a massive difference in our future.

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