Light DeFi (LIGHT) registers new ATH and breaks the market price record.


Yesterday (22) at night, Light DeFi (LIGHT) set a new price record in the market, and now the new ATH of the token is US$ 0.000317. Before that, the cryptoactive record was $0.0002500.

With significant growth in the market and an accumulated valuation that surprised users, the LIGHT token had an excellent performance in the week in which it registered a new ATH.

The accumulated valuation reinforces the project’s credibility, which develops sustainable energy practices financed by the token’s network fee, which was developed through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

New ATH from LIGHT token

Popular in the cryptoactive market, the term ATH (All-Time High) identifies the highest price ever achieved for a token. When a project registers a new ATH, it means that the last price record has been broken.

Breaking the High Historical (ATH) is an essential moment in the life of a token like Light DeFi (LIGHT), as it conveys credibility and confidence to the cryptoactives market.

Breaking ATH means that investors are confident in the sustainable project Light DeFi represents and shows that the buying force was much stronger than the seller.

Bitcoin took three years.

Before reaching nearly $65,000 in April 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) took more than three years to renew its ATH in the market. Meanwhile, Light DeFi (LIGHT) registered a new ATH this wednesday (22th), about a month after officially launched.

Until December 2020, the Bitcoin price record was US$ 20,000 in the market. However, with the break of this level ten months ago, the BTC reached almost $65,000 in 2021.

Shortly after that, Light DeFi (LIGHT) was launched, which has already set a new price record just one month after consolidating in the cryptoactives market.

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