Light DeFi (LIGHT) wins platform certification audited by Binance


Light DeFi (LIGHT) wins platform certification audited by Binance.

Data security is still one of the biggest challenges facing the cryptoactive market. A blockchain network protected against failures and attacks ensures the excellent performance of ecosystems such as Light DeFi (LIGHT), which received an important certification this Wednesday (25).

According to the Certik Blockchain Security Leaderboard, the token now has an audit certification that verifies the functioning of the technology behind the project, which develops a renewable energy production platform using a photovoltaic plant.

Known for certifying famous businesses in the cryptoactive market, such as Binance, Chiliz (CHZ), and PancakeSwap, Certik is considered one of the largest auditing platforms in the blockchain universe to be internationally recognized.

Through Certik’s audit, Light DeFi’s network was scanned for failures that could compromise the operation of transactions that use smart contracts.

In addition to security and transparency for operations with the token, the audit process prevents the emergence of threats to Light DeFi’s ecosystem, suggesting advice on implementing changes in the network.

The audit presented by Certik also assures Light DeFi’s commitment to being part of an inclusive, transparent, and decentralized cryptoactive market.

Light DeFi goes hand in hand with the best auditing practices practiced in the cryptoactives market and chose Certik for a certification process two days after being officially launched on the market on August 8, 2021.

In just two weeks, Certik completed the audit on the Light DeFi project, which at the same time was listed on the famous Coingecko cryptoactive pricing platform.

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