Light DeFi plant will be able to supply 2.5 thousand homes

Light DeFi’s (LIGHT) photovoltaic plant project is advanced after the group recently announced it had purchased the 17-hectare plot of land. Located in São Luiz do Curú, in the state of Ceará, the Light DeFi land is 83 km from Fortaleza.

After approving the technical feasibility, the plant may begin to be built on the land, which has high solar radiation and a privileged location, on the side of a highway.

Light DeFi’s photovoltaic plant will work through photovoltaic panels, which can capture solar energy converted into electrical energy. In total, the plant will be able to generate 5.5 million kWh/year after the installation project is completed.

Solar energy represents the future of electrical energy, which can be made more sustainable from a completely renewable source like the sun. Without the need to emit carbon into the atmosphere, the installation of the Light DeFi plant can be considered sustainable.

It is estimated that the production of solar energy by Light DeFi’s photovoltaic plant will be responsible for annually avoiding the emission of 300 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Soon after reaching the maximum energy production at the site, with 5.5 million kWh/year, the plant could supply enough energy to provide 2,500 homes.

The token’s network fee funds light DeFi’s photovoltaic plant. Created from Binance Smart Chain’s blockchain technology, Light DeFi represents the tokenization of renewable initiatives. The photovoltaic plant in the interior of Ceará is the group’s first project, which intends to develop other models of sustainable energy production.

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