Equipment for solar energy generation becomes more expensive with the energy crisis in China

The energy crisis in China causes the price of solar panels to rise.

Brazil and China are experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis. With low production of renewable energy and production that does not meet current demand, China is facing problems with the production of photovoltaic panels.

With the shutdown of silicon production plants, the production of photovoltaic plates in China is under pressure from the market.

Considered a material responsible for 60% of the value added to photovoltaic modules, the supply of silicon could affect the entire production of solar panels in China.

The country, which is experiencing an energy crisis caused by the lack of electricity production, could solve the current market demand for solar energy.

According to indicators in the solar energy market, the equipment should undergo price variations until June 2022, when production should be stabilized.

It is not the first crisis that solar energy production has experienced. In early 2020, there was a lack of glass for the production of solar panels in China, causing a temporary shortage of equipment. This time, it is silicon production that affects the production of solar panels in the country.

Responsible for producing 80% of all panels globally, the rise in equipment prices reflects in other countries that export from China. With the promise of normalization of prices in June 2022, even solar panels could suffer significant variations in the market.

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