Microsoft provides carbon tracker through Microsoft Cloud

The whole world is joining efforts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. From countries like the United States to companies like Microsoft, there is no lack of initiatives related to sustainability.

Microsoft, for example, is developing a carbon tracker that can be used through the Microsoft Cloud. Called Microsoft Cloud Sustainability, the tracker will allow for automatic carbon accounting.

According to a company publication, the carbon tracker will allow users to cross-check data to establish measurements for the carbon footprint of products and services.

“Every day, our customers tell us that data management is one of the biggest pain points in their sustainability journey. There is a source of data from all areas of the value chain, and unfortunately, much of it is currently of low quality and difficult to share. The real risk is that, even with the best of intentions, carbon rewards data won’t make sense if it can’t be properly ingested for analysis and action.”

In total, more than 1,500 companies have committed to zero carbon emissions in the coming years. Together, these businesses move $11.4 trillion in annual revenue.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability was released before COP26 and represented a data collection tool that the user can customize.

“Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability automates data collection through connectors that can eliminate near real-time manual font uploads to fonts. You can configure your data requirements from a catalog of pre-built connectors and operational data providers such as business solutions, power providers, travel tools, trading partners, IoT, and systems telemetry.”

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