Photovoltaic Plant: Light DeFi’s Near Future

We are very excited about the progress of the photovoltaic plant project, and while we do not yet have an exact completion date, all logistics are proceeding as planned since the project scope was established.

In the early stages, a technical feasibility study was conducted to determine the best location for the plant’s construction to begin. Ceará, a 17-hectare plot of land, was chosen as the location.

The plant is expected to have 3445 kWp of installed power and produce approximately 2.5 MW of electricity.

Some steps, such as the selection of equipment, the environmental license, and the feasibility of structural foundations, are still in the works.

It is critical to emphasize that the project will also stimulate and heat the region’s economy by creating many new jobs for the population.

This is consistent with ESG practices, which refer to how a company seeks ways to reduce its environmental impact in order to build a more equitable and responsible world.

We’re already working hard, but there’s a lot more to come.

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  1. Incrível!! Estou junto nesse projeto, desde o início praticamente… Entrei nele, quando a light era um pequeno embrião com apenas 8 dias de vida… Hoje é um belo, forte e promissor bebê. E todas as batalhas estão sendo vencidas, vamos vencer essa guerra! Parabéns aos envolvidos.

  2. Join this crypto revolution.
    Light DeFi is a crypto asset created on the BSC (Binance SmartChain) to revolutionize the renewable energy sector building photovoltaic plants, gathering the concepts of sustainability and Decentralized Finances (DeFi).

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