São Paulo may approve the bill to finance solar energy

Solar energy can be a viable alternative to other types of fuels. Without polluting or degrading the environment and with a large production capacity, governments like the one in the State of São Paulo can finance projects to develop sustainable energy.

Light Defi represents a revolution in the market by developing an initiative that is attracting the entire world. Solar energy production is the future of supplying homes, the industrial sector, and even automobiles.

With that in mind, São Paulo can start a massive investment process for projects such as Light DeFi. A bill on solar energy production was approved by the Special Committee and may be voted on by federal deputies soon.

Bill needs to be approved

The Environment and Sustainable Development Commission of the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo approved a bill that intends to finance solar energy production initiatives.

They called Bill 364/2019. state deputies must vote on the legislative proposal before sanctioning the state governor, João Dória. Presented by state deputy Sebastião Santos, the project intends to allocate resources for solar energy generation.

According to the proposal, the Special Fund for the Reparation of Injured Diffuse Interests in the Public Ministry of the State will finance the projects for solar energy generation.

If approved, the bill provides that 10% of the total amount collected by this fund will be allocated to the production of solar energy by the state. As Light DeFi intends soon, the projects financed by the State of São Paulo must produce clean and sustainable energy.

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