Sustainable investments will dominate the future of the financial market


Sustainable investments will soon no longer be an alternative to occupy a prominent place in the traditional financial market. Large companies such as Volvo, Coca-Cola, and Tesla are already betting on developing sustainable practices in the production of clean energy and reducing the emission of polluting gases.

In addition to these large companies in the cryptoactives market, Light DeFi represents a promising project, which unites blockchain technology with the production of entirely sustainable energy.

Thinking about the development of the planet and the future consolidation of sustainable projects in the market, Light DeFi intends to develop a photovoltaic plant to produce electric energy through solar panels.

The future of the planet will be sustainable

Sustainable practices dominate the financial market and transform large companies that adopt initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the exploitation of non-renewable resources.

The future will be sustainable, and companies that bet on clean energy can dominate the market. That’s the case for Tesla, the company created by Elon Musk to make electric cars and is now worth nearly $750 billion.

In addition to creating cars that pollute much more minor, Tesla invests massively in producing electricity from solar sources, just like the Light DeFi project.

Seeking to dominate the US electricity market, the company recently announced that it would provide energy, competing with more than 100 electricity companies.

Volvo also develops sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect. Another large company to adopt the term sustainability is Coca-Cola, which six years ago adopted practices that became known as the “sustainability journey.”

Thus, aligned with large companies such as Volvo, Tesla, and Coca-Cola, Light DeFi represents a project that has its eyes on the future. In addition to thinking about sustainability, Light DeFi intends to dominate the clean energy market in Brazil.

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