The inexhaustible energy source that has conquered the cryptoactive market

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable ways to transform natural resources into electricity, as the sun is an inexhaustible and clean source. It is an essential solution in the current context, where climate change and warnings of irreversible damage are increasingly common.

The process of producing solar energy, called the photovoltaic effect, uses solar plates produced in a semiconductor material. When the sunlight particles (photons) hit it, the electrons in the semiconductor material start to move and generate electricity.

After the solar panels generate the energy, it is taken to the solar inverter, equipment responsible for transforming continuous electrical current into alternating current, and then distributed to the place of consumption.

It is important to highlight that there is no mechanical wear; it has low maintenance, making it one of the best alternatives in isolated regions.

With the constant concern of the world scenario with the environment, solar energy can conquer the market. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, solar energy is already the cheapest type of energy in the world, precisely because it is generated from the capture of sunlight, as it is a free and inexhaustible source.

Also, because it is an alternative to oil, it is estimated that by the year 2050, it will be the most used source in all countries.

That’s why we advocate using clean energy for virtual currencies. Light DeFi already has its photovoltaic power plant at the beginning of the construction. The chosen location was Ceará, a geographically privileged place for exposure to the sun and good chances of viability and energy flow.

For more information and details on the project’s construction, visit the website and stay on top of our upcoming sustainable plans.

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