The United States will have the world’s first solar-powered steel plant that will feature 750,000 solar panels

The United States to have the world’s first solar-powered steel plant.

Solar energy production can be used to power homes and maintenance industries. In the case of Light DeFi (LIGHT), the token develops a photovoltaic plant that will support a cryptoactive mining farm.

Meanwhile, the world’s first solar-powered steel plant is being created in the United States and operated by Russian manufacturer Evraz Plc, the site until then using coal as an energy source.

With the energy transition process, the plant will produce steel through a sustainable source of energy production. Located in Pueblo, the solar-powered steel plant is located in the state of Colorado, United States.

Known for reusing iron discarded as garbage, the plant will be the first in the world to maintain its production using solar energy. In total, 750,000 solar panels will be installed at the site to produce energy from the sun.

According to the project schedule, the slabs will start producing electricity in November and should already supply a large part of the scrap iron plant’s demand.

The announcement of the world’s first solar-powered steel plant takes place in the United States while the country sets goals to neutralize carbon emissions by 2050.

Named one of the most polluting industries that exist, the steel industry can find a sustainable alternative in solar energy production.

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