UN scientist warns that “the worst is yet to come” in relation to climate change

The United Nations (UN) issued a red alert in a report on climate change. Published in August 2021, the study warns that global temperature is likely to continue to rise worryingly worldwide.

Seeking to make the population aware of the changes caused by the rampant exploitation of natural resources allied to the emission of CO², scientist Kim Cobb published an unpleasant prediction for planet Earth.

According to the UN scientist, the climate changes currently experienced are nothing compared to the planet’s future. Cobb said that “the worst is yet to come” and that we are entering uncharted territory.

That’s why initiatives like Light DeFi (LIGHT) can make a difference for an increasingly sustainable world. By developing a renewable energy source, Light DeFi will have a clean energy project, which will preserve the environment.

The worst of climate change

The world suffers from the impacts caused by climate change that has reached a global scale. Recently, the United States suffered from adversity caused by climate change.

With rainfall not seen for 150 years in New York and part of the country burning in an uncontrolled forest fire, the United States witnessed nature’s reaction as the temperature rises.

If this climate change now causes untold damage, this destruction could be even more significant in the future. The UN scientist says that there is no information about how the world will behave in the coming decades.

Cobb warns of the lack of knowledge about climate change in the future. For the scientist, what the population will face in the coming years is unknown.

“We don’t know what’s to come, but it will be bad. We are entering uncharted territory with climate change. The climate we live in today will not be the climate we will live in for decades to come”

Sustainable Energy Can Change That

The UN scientist was emphatic when he said that it is necessary to curb the emission of greenhouse gases to mitigate the climate changes that are to come. As an alternative, sustainable energy production can be an essential ally in this fight.

According to ECycle, deforestation, transport, and agriculture are the primary greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil today. With renewable energy sources, this emission can be drastically reduced.

In addition to preserving forests, climate change can be reduced with clean energy, as is the case with solar energy, for example, which can replace fossil fuels in transport.

Light DeFi – a token that thinks about the future – is developing Brazil’s solar energy production system. Through part of the token’s network fee, we will soon build a photovoltaic plant in Bahia.

The project intends to create a solar energy source that will produce 200MW in the future, enough energy to supply more than 110 thousand low-income homes.

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