Was COP26 a failure?

The conference ends without hope for activists

Last week, the COP26 (United Nations Climate Conference) approved a climate agreement that includes, for the first time, a reference to fossil fuels and their impact on the climate crisis.

Innovative, the speech did not please everyone. The resolution was a relief to politicians, as it loosened some measures that, at first, should have been inflexible.

Leading activists such as the Swiss Environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga and Sweden’s Greta Thunberg have opposed the decision. They say it is not necessary to gradually reduce but gradually eliminate subsidies on coal and fossil fuels.

Light DeFi believes in clean energy production and sustainable and truly transformative energy supply systems.

We believe that environmental issues are more than urgent on international agendas and that postponing inevitable changes is a highly harmful attitude to the planet, people, and our development. Action is needed NOW! There is no more time to wait.

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