Why does Light DeFi believe in the ESG concepts?

ESG concepts : Light DeFi is a strong believer in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

ESG has altered how businesses view social responsibility, encouraging them to adopt better governance practices.

And we recognize the value of using it when a company wants to reduce its environmental impact, create a more equitable world, be more responsible for people, and maintain optimized management processes.

We also believe in a company’s environmental practices and actions on global warming, deforestation, biodiversity, and water and air pollution.

We like and value the concept of and value the relationship with employees, the community, human rights, labor laws, sustainable management, corporate conduct, and relationship with government agencies and politicians.

It is also worth noting that the implementation of the ESG has recently been greatly accelerated. And there has been significant progress in this regard. These companies are becoming more stable in the market and are increasing their profitability in the long term.

Just like the proposed acronym for ESG, we at Light DeFi want to help create a more sustainable planet with better practices for society.

Follow our posts regularly, and learn more about our green projects impacting the ecosystem.

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  1. Eu sou muito preocupada com o que está a acontecer ao nosso planeta, não temos um plano B, estou muito grata a Light DeFi por querer contribuir para que tenhamos um planeta onde possamos viver com qualidade de vida…….eu sou Light DeFi e estou muito orgulhosa por poder contribuir com um grãozinho de areia…..juntos somos mais fortes!

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